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Our Services

Assist DD Ltd will act as a direct debit facilities management service overseeing the collection of your businesses Direct Debit payments.


Through its experience in estate and property management and through a working partnership with FowlerFortescue; an established firm of rural chartered surveyors, Rural Vision Ltd identified the benefits of collecting rental payments via Direct Debit, seeing improved:


• cash flow

• time management, and

• reconciliation


After running the Direct Debit collection system with in hand managed estates Rural Vision Ltd offered the service to its wider client base. After managing four years of successful integration of the Direct Debit system Rural Vision Ltd established the Direct Debit collection service as an independent business now trading as Assist DD Ltd. Assist DD Ltd are experienced in the instigation and servicing of an efficient Direct Debit system in the collection of rents, subscription and service charge payments through the use of a computerised accounting programme linked to flexible Direct Debit software.

Set up

We set it up and run it for you and charge a percentage of rental/subscription income collected each month of 1 – 2% depending on the size and complexity of the transactions.


Direct Debits are now a major part of daily life, with many people using them each month to pay their household bills. Having the facility to pay and collect

payments by Direct Debit gives rise to many benefits;

  • Improve cash flow

  • It’s cheaper than cheque, safer than cash

  • You control the date of

  • receipt into your account

  • You get cleared funds in

  • your account on a known date

  • You can collect variable amounts on

  • regular or irregular dates

  • Speed up reviews

  • Simplify book keeping

  • Quicker reconciliation

  • Provide the book keeper with

  • more time for more important tasks

  • Improve debtor management

  • Direct Debit provides greater efficiency;

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